Upgrade Your Doors and Windows For A Fresh New Look In Metro Detroit

types of doors

The first thing many people want to install when buying a home is strong, secure doors and energy-efficient windows.  Once new exterior doors are installed, there is an immediate feeling of being secure and safe.

The kind of material you select depends on aesthetic taste.  You may wish to have the warm glow of a solid wood door, however it will require maintenance to keep it looking good.  You’ll need get it stained.  Remember to get a durable finish on top of that to protect the wood from the elements.

You can choose from a wood frame or a steel-framed jamb, the latter offering better home safety.  Your doors are only secure as the locks, so make sure to get door hardware that will stand the test of time.

Windows should complement your home and surrounding neighborhood.  Energy-efficiency is very important, with many windows having two or three panes, or E-glass to help insulate your home.

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