The CFL Myth: Why Don’t These Bulbs Last any Reasonable Amount of Time?

I installed a group of three-inch diameter recessed lights in my kitchen about a couple of months ago.  They fixtures came with bulbs, wire nuts, housing and trim — the whole enchilada.

I love the fixtures;  they make a short ceiling appear larger in a room.  My beef is with the compact florescent light bulbs themselves.  They are the non-screw-in type; they have two connectors at the top that you push into the receiving connect.

After about 5 weeks of installation, these bulbs burn out.  I notice how discolored around the base they get (a darkish yellow color) when I removed the spent bulb.  The manufacturer claims on the package that these bulbs will last me up to 9 years.

I’m calling BS on that one.  I’ve had too many experiences with these bulbs to know better.

I’ve also noticed many of the other types of CFL’s on the market do the same exact thing — they get too hot them burn out.  These include the screw in types, and adapter screw-in types.

The lights in my kitchen are the “two-prong style” which cost roughly 8 bucks apiece — ain’t small change when you have a lot of them.  I guess you can say I’m a little disappointed in the lights; I would venture to guess that I’m not the only one.