Start a Bathroom Project with a New Tub Surround

A good time to remodel your bathroom is when there is downtime — like during a planned vacation from work, where you’ll be able to devote your attention to one of your biggest assets — your home.

There’s always things that need to be fixed or upgraded.

When your old acrylic tub surround begins to yellow, or it has cracks and looks dull, you may wish to replace it with a new unit.

Now would be the time to think about the number of shelves you would want the new surround to have.  Do you need more?  You can easily pick a model with a few more storage spaces.

Be aware that when the tradesman removes the old unit, he should inspect the drywall underneath.  Sometimes, the caulk has prematurely failed and the drywall gets water-damaged near the bottom edges.  These parts of Sheetrock should be replaced.

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You should also be sure to have moisture-resistant drywall installed throughout the entire area of the tub surround, which will inhibit any future growth of mold.

The tradesperson will prepare the drywall, which involves covering seams that butt up against one another with mesh tape and compound, then sanding the areas smooth.  Usually, just one topcoat of compound will suffice; the drywall will eventually get covered with your new tub surround kit.

The type of caulk used to marry the tub edges to the tub surround is important.  Only use 100% silicone, which is water-proof, crack-proof, and shrink-proof.  Look for caulk that says it right on the tube: 100 % silicone.

There are cheaper versions that aren’t completely all-silicone; you should avoid them.  Matching the color to your surround choice is pretty easy; there are several different colors available.  If you’re in doubt about the color, a safe choice is getting clear, translucent silicone caulk.

A tub surround kit can usually be installed in a day, unless there are other issues underneath the existing area.  If there are problems, they will cost a little more to correct, but is well worth the extra cost in the long run.

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