Shelving and Organizers add more Useable Space to a Room

Finding extra space in a home to store things is one of the top items on people’s wish list.  Getting creative is the best advice when locating a future storage area.

An unused space underneath a staircase or an attic can be utilized for general, large item storage.  Providing adequate lighting in these areas is one of the first steps to consider, as well as accessibility.

An underused space in the bathroom is the area above the toilet.  Adding several shelves to the wall can provide a place to store extra towels, washcloths, and bath accessories.  You can add a cabinet if your prefer something more traditional.

There’s several options to choose from for storage:


Cabinets are great for items you wish to keep out of viewing.  Almost instantly, the room can appear de-cluttered when you store nick-knacks this way.

If you prefer to see more of your items, you can get some of the cabinets with clear glass doors, but still appear organized.


Shelves are easy to install, and will allow you to utilize empty vertical space.  The shelving pieces come in various wood or laminate finishes, and in varying lengths and widths.

Triangular brackets are used to give the shelf strength.  You can select brackets to your taste in design.  I like to incorporate kitchens and baths with a nice balance of open shelves for personal touches.


Some organizers come in pre-fabricated wall units.  These are great for creating a budget-conscious solution to your storage needs.

Simply choose a finish, which is either a wood tone or white, then add pieces that you can use.  For instance, you way want a pole to hang clothes, but don’t need as many drawers.  You can customize the unit to fit your exact needs.

If you want custom built-in storage, that can also be achieved.  Maple, cherry, and birch wood are just a few species of wood you can have them built out of.  Custom storage units should be designed like they were always in your home.  They should impart the same style, if you will.