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dotted-post-separatorWhat to expect after you fill out our Request an Estimate form:

When you fill out the estimate form, we will send you an acknowledgement that we have received your message.  We will contact you with an additional email (or phone call) within 24 hours.

We will want to discuss:

  • your project,
  • a time in which you would like the work to begin,
  • a budget* you might have in mind,
  • and any other concerns or ideas you may have.

If we fit the needs of your project, we’ll schedule a meeting in which we can come out to your property and assemble a more detailed estimate, we’ll draw or design a plan and get your approval for the cost, appoint a start and finish date and then put your remodel into production.

 Most questions can easily be answered over the phone.  Call us! 313-277-9829.

We look forward to meeting with you!


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*Discussing a budget is used to establish a realistic cost expectation of a remodel, installation, or home improvement.  Read more about discussing a budget here »