Repairing a Popcorn Ceiling

If you’ve ever had a roof leak in your home or business, it can wreck havoc on a popcorn ceiling.  Many times the causes of a roof leak can be narrowed down to a few things more often than not: there is a roof penetration like a chimney that has improper flashing, or a plumbing boot who’s rubber has deteriorated from the UV rays of the sun can cause a leak.

Other times, the home is simply in need of a new roof, especially when you see shingles curling up at the edges.  Water will find its way into the building and next thing you may notice is that you have bubbled paint after a rain.  The bubble may shrink back down, or it may drip water.

Waiting longer than normal to address the problem will only make the ceiling weaker, which eventually will lead to pieces of it falling down to the floor.

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Popcorn ceilings or acoustic ceilings, were very popular in the 80’s and early 90’s, because they were a cheaper alternative to painting the ceiling.  And the bright white color was attractive and easy to install.

Many home builders used this method of spraying the ceiling with texture to cut building costs.  In comparison, kitchens and bathrooms had smooth ceilings because in those rooms, steam, grease, and smoke are much easier to keep clean with a plain ceiling.

Early recipes for popcorn ceiling texture contained asbestos fibers in it.  When the government banned the treatments of ceilings due to the cancer-causing nature of asbestos, this type of ceiling fell out of favor in much of the country.

After the ban, the texture was then created using styrofoam or paper-based materials.  Textured ceilings remain common in residential construction today.

The pros of a popcorn ceiling are:

  • has a small amount of insulating properties
  • can hide imperfections
  • controls sound much better and reduces noise, which is good for high ceilings

The cons of a popcorn ceiling are:

  • difficult to paint
  • difficult to repair
  • Attracts dust; is hard to keep clean

Repairing a ceiling like this is not difficult for us to do for you; we scrape the textured part down, then cut out and replace it with a piece of drywall cut to size.  For a smaller hole less than 8 inches wide, we’ll install an aluminum patch that will hold up very well.

The real skill with this kind of ceiling repair is mimicking the popcorn texture, so that it blends completely into the surrounding surface, so you cannot see the repair after we patch the area.

Our solution to this problem is a product we use that emits a spray just like a texturing spray gun, without the bulky equipment.  Our repairs are virtually invisible.

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