Recessed Lighting Adds A Special Touch

We’ve all seen recessed lighting in those beautiful pictures in the top home magazines.  The lights, sometimes called “pot lights”, add a high-end look to any room: whether it be a kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom, or an exterior porch.  Recessed lighting can be installed in virtually any scenario you decide upon.

For outdated “cans”, which is another name of these fixtures, they can be retrofitted with LED lighting.

You simply screw one half of the retrofit into the light’s socket, then mount an LED fixture into the opening.  And why would you want to upgrade to an LED?

There are a few good reasons:

  • The wattage per light is low, saving you money,
  • The LED creates a sealed space between the ceiling and light,
  • Leds are fully dimmable,
  • They are rated for wet locations,
  • They cosmetically look better.

There are a few options in regards to the size of the LED recessed lights.  You can get them in 3 or 4 inches in diameter, all they way up to about 8 inches.

Planning the layout is crucial to get the best-looking arrangement of the fixtures.  Many lights in rows should be avoided.  They will look like an airport runway if done like this.  Determining where the ceiling joists are located will also dictate how and where some of the lights will go.

Too many lights is also a no-go.  It will make the room look cluttered and overdone.  Plus the lights will be too bright when they’re all cut on.  When you’re undecided, go with a lesser amount of the fixtures: “less is best”.

The fixture spacing should be equally apart from one another.  The object is to get a “balanced” layout, similar to spacing a wall full of bathroom tile.

For low ceilings less than 9 feet tall, you should install small diameter recessed lights because they will make a cramped space feel larger.  The smaller sizes work great for basements.

Finally, install a dimmer to control the display in the room, if you so desire.  I my experience, a dimmer will always cure an overly bright room.

retrofit recessed light

Here’s a picture of a retrofit LED fixture, above.  The springs expands inside the old metal cans, holding them in place.

retrofit recessed lighting

The new lights have a piece of weatherstripping on the inside of them to seal the can, keeping your heating or cooling environment more stabilized, as opposed to air leakage — up through the pot lights into the roof, or joists depending on the home.

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