Making a Seamless Drywall Repair is an Art

Many things can damage drywall.  From a door knob swinging into the wall, to a piece falling from the ceiling due to a water leak, the repair should blend seamlessly into the wall or ceiling.

Anyone can slap a piece in place and throw compound on top of it.  We at Handyservices do the repair right.  We first determine what kind of foundation will be needed to make the repair. This can be anything from an aluminum patch which will cover small holes, to a large piece of Sheetrock cut to size and installed between the wall studs.

The key to making the patch blend in with the surrounding area is using the right sanding and layering techniques, the paint finish, and the overall attention to detail — like utilizing a light held at the right angle to make sure there aren’t any high spots.

Types of drywall to use

Regular drywall comes in different size thicknesses, from 1/4 inches thick to 5/8 inches thick.

The thinnest drywall is sometimes used to cover old plaster, while the thickest material is used for fireproofing areas.

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For wet locations like in a bathroom, you should use moisture resistant drywall.  For ceilings, the drywall is usually ½ inches thick.  There’s also mold resistant drywall on the market, which doesn’t even have paper backing on it, which is where mold will live.

Common places where drywall can get damaged:

  • behind a swinging door
  • the kid’s room
  • leaking roof/ceiling
  • downstairs ceiling under an upstairs bathroom

Drywall can be a very messy job, so we make sure to cover the floors with builder’s paper or, for small repairs, a fabric drop cloth.  We also mask off the areas with painter’s tape as needed.  So there is initial prep time involved, but our customers deserve their projects to be clean and done correctly.

The best way to prepare for us to come out and do a drywall repair at your home or business in Detroit, Taylor, and other cities, is to make a list of all the places where the drywall needs to be fixed.

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