Lead Safety Tips for Renovations, Repairs, and Painting

The traditional work you get done now can create significant lead-dust hazards if lead based paint is disturbed.

The leaded dust generated by traditional renovation work can cause lead poisoning in children.  It can also poison pregnant women, yourself and other workers and even pets.

Practical changes in work practices we now implement can minimize and contain dust.  The use of lead-safe work practices makes the job safer and reduces your liability exposure.

The EPA’s Renovation, Repair, and Painting Final Rule requires that renovations conducted for compensation, must be performed by Certified Firms using Certified Renovators.

Renovation firms that wish to work in pre-1978 homes and child-occupied facilities must apply to the EPA in order to become certified.  Renovators seeking to become Certified Renovators must successfully complete an EPA-accredited renovator course or a course accredited by an EPA State or Tribe.  Photo: contractor-insure.com

Why should I be concerned about lead paint?

Folks, it’s about the young ‘uns.

Health risks of lead is very high in children:

Children are at greater risk than adults because their bodies are developing.  During normal and frequent playing or hand-to-mouth activity, children may swallow or inhale dust from their hands, toys, food, or other objects.

In children, lead can cause:

  • Damage their brain, kidney, and central nervous systems.
  • It can cause decreased intelligence, attention deficit disorder.
  • Causes speech, language, reading and learning difficulties.
  • Behavioral problems and hyperactivity.
  • Among adults, pregnant women are especially at risk from exposure to lead.

Lead is passed from mother to fetus and can cause:

  • Miscarriages
  • Premature births
  • Brain Damage
  • Low birth weight

Health effects of lead in adults include:

  • High blood pressure.
  • Fertility problems in men and women.
  • Digestive problems.
  • Nerve disorders.
  • Memory and concentration problems.
  • Sexual disorders.
  • Muscle or joint pain.

Symptoms of Lead Poisoning are Not Always Obvious

The symptoms of lead poisoning are often non-specific, and are frequently attributed to other causes.

Because many symptoms are non-specific or similar to flu symptoms, parents may not be alerted to get immediate medical attention for their children.  This is critical for young children.

The longer a child stays untreated, the higher the risk of permanent brain damage.

Workers with an occupational exposure to lead need to inform their doctors in order to give them all the background needed for an adequate evaluation of symptoms as possibly related to lead exposure.

Handyservices Home Improvement and Construction is a Certified Renovator

You can rest assured that if your home is pre-1978 (built before 1978), we are fully trained and accredited with Certified Documentation to keep you safe.  We are your solution.  Make an appointment to speak with us and schedule your next project.