Get New Gutters Installed in the Downriver Area

Gutters are a necessary part of a roofing system.  When water runs off your roof during rain, it needs to be directed somewhere, away from overhead entrances where people traverse, like above the garage door and to the house.

If you didn’t have gutters in these places, a sheet of water would greet passersby; they’d be all-wet!

Of course, out in the rain they’d get wet anyhow, you say.

But a wall of water during a heavy rain is worse.  Plus, you need to protect areas of your property that would get pounded by water splashing back onto the exterior walls or doors, from a concrete or asphalt driveway.

For things on the outside like wood paneling or a wooden door, they would eventually rot or warp.

Not to mention, foundation issues could arise, like water seeping into your basement through the foundation walls.  Water running down a foundation wall can also undermine the foundation itself.

Planning is key to a new gutter installation.  A good installer will come out and decide if the current layout is adequate.  There are certain rules that apply to gutters, like a span of 40 feet in length will need to have two downspouts at each end to handle the volume of water.

The installer will also determine if the downspouts are located in the smartest places.  You don’t want a downspout sending water onto your neighbor’s driveway!  Nore should you want water pooling at the bottom of the downspout and water running back to the foundation.

When the water does reach the ground, you should provide a splashblock, which can direct water even further away from the foundation.  The term, “splashblock” is given to these handy little pieces of plastic or concrete, because they stop the heavy volume of water from splashing back onto your home’s foundation.

Seamless or with seams?

There are basically two different types of installations you can get, either seamless gutters or gutters with seams.  Both have their advantages and disadvantages:

Seamless gutters

  • Don’t have to seal the seams
  • In a variety of colors
  • Cost more than gutters with seams
  • Different gauges of steel available
  • Specialized equipment fabricates on the job

Gutters with seams

  • must check the seams yearly
  • readily available at local home stores
  • limited color -either white or brown
  • cheaper alternative to seamless gutters

People like the look of seamless gutters, because they kind of disappear into the fascia.  You don’t really notice them anymore.

Gutters with seams however, can mimic the look of seamless gutters by employing hidden fasteners, which you won’t see from ground level.  The only thing you will see is the seam, which will be visible every ten feet or so.

Gutters should be installed with fasteners screwed into the fascia, with either hidden hardware, or drilled through the face of the metal with a screw-type spike and ferrule for longevity.

It’s worth noting that any rotten fascia boards should be replaced before the gutters go up.  The installer will also provide new drip edge for the replaced boards, which is a thin piece of aluminum running along the edge of the roof sheathing.  It allows water from the roof to properly enter the gutter trough.

The old, spike and ferrule type of fasteners installed with a hammer should be avoided.  The reason is the spike will eventually back out of the wood, usually from heavy snow, and freeze or thaw conditions.

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