Getting Cement Work and Repairs Done in Detroit

driveway crackCracks in cement need to be addressed as soon as possible, which can help stop the spread of these fissures and prevent the cracks from getting wider.

You should cut off the problem before rain water washes out the base of the slab, causing it to sink and become a safety hazard.

If you do get a new concrete walkway or driveway poured, it is important to forego putting salt down on the ground, for at least 1 full year.  Michigan winters are some of the worst in the country in regards to snowfall.

With that said, you can safely use calcium chloride as a substitute for rock salt.  It doesn’t work as well as road salt, but will eventually thaw the ice just well enough, so that it will not be a slip hazard to people walking on it.

As time goes on, concrete gets stronger.  Aesthetically, a brand-new walkway is the first thing people notice when arriving at your home.  The bright white cement is very appealing to the eyes, and it will last you many years to come if it is properly mixed and installed correctly.

A great place for installing a small slab of concrete is between your home and garden shed, since most sheds are located toward the back of the home.

When winter comes, the grass can really become a muddy mess without a decent walkway to get to your snow equipment or other things in storage.

We can fix cracks in concrete or asphalt, which give your driveway or walkway many more years of use.

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