Get Emergency Board-up Services in Detroit

Securing a property from squatters, looters, and vandals is a task that should not be taken lightly.  People steal water heaters, copper pipes, furnaces — you name it — if a property is left open.

Squatters also will take over an abandoned property, living in it, then leaving the owners to fight a lengthy battle to get them out.  Vandals go into these structures and destroy them — painting the walls with graffiti,  setting a fire, etc.  Getting a property boarded up after damage or a break-in is essential in securing it.

Equally important is the worksmanship.  The door, window, or other part of the building that receives the board-up service should be able to withstand future attempts to enter.  That means securing the building a combination of ways; by using 2 x 4s, lag screws, sheets of plywood, or other means.

The company assessing the job should be well-versed in the proper ways to make the structure safe again.  For homes and businesses throughout metro Detroit, we’ll come out and take measurements of the opening, then assemble a plan to get you back up, running and secure.

If you require a long-term board-up service, we recommend installing laminated plywood or specialized metal covers, which will offer the most strength.

For a more temporary service, you can choose a cheaper alternative like particle board, but it can be pulled from the opening with no tools by determined individuals.

Depending on the plan, lag bolts and screws are used to fasten the pieces, or simply specialty screws.  We also install hinges and locks to doors and garages if needed.

Who could use our board-up services?

  • Neighbors that want to board-up an abandoned home close by,
  • Businesses that are victims of property crimes,
  • Property owners that want to secure their rental properties long-term,
  • Volunteer organizations cleaning up neighborhoods
  • Property preservation of foreclosed property


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