Enjoy Maintenance-Free Siding Choices In Southeast Michigan

Siding Choices

If you want to add instant curb appeal, then upgrade the exterior of your home with siding.  Vinyl siding has been a mainstay of homes throughout Metro Detroit as a cost-effective way to add an instant change — besides painting.

When installed, it is virtually maintenance-free.  All you have to do is spray it down with a water hose at the beginning of spring.  And you never have to worry about painting or retouching anything!

There are many color choices available, as well as accents to choose from to incorporate in your design which can add a level of personality to your home.

Be aware that vinyl siding is not water-proof; it was not made for that.  In fact, it is specifically designed to prevent an airtight seal over the exterior surface of a home.

If you pick up a piece and look at the bottom of it, the siding has small holes drilled underneath.  These weep holes are there to let any water out.

Each piece of siding should move left and right freely.  Siding that is nailed too tight will pop and crackle every time the sun shines on it, due to the nature of the vinyl itself  — which can warp from high surface temperatures.

Another kind of exterior finish you may wish to consider for your home is Hardie board siding.  This cement and sand board is an upgrade to installing traditional vinyl siding.  It’s also fire-resistant and storm-resistant.

Cement board siding won’t have a wavy appearance (like some grades of vinyl siding), is affordable, and most Hardie board siding comes with a 50-year, limited transferable warranty.

The main drawbacks of Hardie board siding would be installation cost.  It is heavy compared to vinyl and will take more planning and a large crew to install it.  You’ll have to re-paint it in time, too.

Our Metro Detroit area customers deserve the best.