A new dormer can transform a small, dark attic into a bright and spacious living area.  Adding one or more windows improves light and ventilation, and can increase the useable floor space by as much as 30 to 40 percent. If you compare the cost of building a dormer to adding on a complete room… Read More »

What makes a good fence?  It must be well built, easy to maintain, and long lasting.  But it also has to be attractive and look like it belongs. Why do you need to build a fence? Most fences are intended to protect property, secure pets or children, and provide privacy.  But it is important to… Read More »

The goal of cooling is comfort.  Emphasizing this self-evident notion is necessary because it is too easy to associate cooling with some kind of mechanical system, something you buy and install in your home. A better way of thinking about cooling is as a list of strategies for reducing heat.  Many of them are simple… Read More »

For most people, additional closet space is very near the top of a home improvement wish list.  Somehow, there is never enough room for everything and you can never find what you are looking for. Two storage problem solvers are organizing an existing closet and building a new one. Organizing a closet You can double… Read More »

The purpose of caulking, like weatherstripping, is to make your house more draft resistant and to help reduce the infiltration of air, dirt, noise, moisture, and insects. Hey everyone, Darwin here with this week’s update!  Caulking around your home is really simple and easy for most people. Leaks occur where different structural components of the… Read More »

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