Many times, we get the question, “What is the most cost-effective way to help make a homeowner feel safe and secure at their home?” I usually tell them the first thing I’d do for maximum impact is to add security lighting around the property. Starting with the front of the house, assess your needs by looking around your… Read More »

Many things can damage drywall.  From a door knob swinging into the wall, to a piece falling from the ceiling due to a water leak, the repair should blend seamlessly into the wall or ceiling. Anyone can slap a piece in place and throw compound on top of it.  We at Handyservices do the repair right.  We… Read More »

Gutters are a necessary part of a roofing system.  When water runs off your roof during rain, it needs to be directed somewhere, away from overhead entrances where people traverse, like above the garage door and to the house. If you didn’t have gutters in these places, a sheet of water would greet passersby; they’d be… Read More »

In a narrow sense, insulation is the material added to slow down the transfer of heat.  In a broad sense, it is the entire process of making a home more comfortable and energy efficient, and includes caulking, weather stripping, and window insulation. In a new building or addition insulation is automatically installed.    But to make… Read More »

In spite of their humble function, paths conjure up romantic images of leisurely strolls across flower-filled meadows, warm welcomes, or mysterious adventures on walks through shadowy forests. The word path is often a metaphor for life.  No wonder successful gardeners and landscape designers make frequent use of this important feature to direct both the eye… Read More »

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