We’ve all seen recessed lighting in those beautiful pictures in the top home magazines.  The lights, sometimes called “pot lights”, add a high-end look to any room: whether it be a kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom, or an exterior porch.  Recessed lighting can be installed in virtually any scenario you decide upon. For outdated “cans”… Read More »

Today at the house I’m working on, I decided to change out the bulbs in the living room.  The wall has two sconces I installed some time ago. When I got the light fixtures, they came with two inefficient incandescent bulbs that looked okay, but the color of light is too yellow, which reminded me of… Read More »

A good time to remodel your bathroom is when there is downtime — like during a planned vacation from work, where you’ll be able to devote your attention to one of your biggest assets — your home. There’s always things that need to be fixed or upgraded. When your old acrylic tub surround begins to yellow, or… Read More »

If you’ve ever had a roof leak in your home or business, it can wreck havoc on a popcorn ceiling.  Many times the causes of a roof leak can be narrowed down to a few things more often than not: there is a roof penetration like a chimney that has improper flashing, or a plumbing boot who’s… Read More »

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