The finishing touch to a new privacy fence is a gate.  Most people want a gate that won’t sag, and will last the test of time. Many homeowners decide to install a metal gate like commonly found chain link fencing, because of the rigid nature of the materials.  But sometimes the look of chain link… Read More »

Many people want privacy in their backyards, but without removing the neighbor’s chain-link fence.  There are options to consider. The easiest way to achieve this is to install a privacy fence right up next to the existing fence.  The main drawback is losing a foot or so of your backyard along the fence. Another thing… Read More »

Finding extra space in a home to store things is one of the top items on people’s wish list.  Getting creative is the best advice when locating a future storage area. An unused space underneath a staircase or an attic can be utilized for general, large item storage.  Providing adequate lighting in these areas is one of the first… Read More »

Smoke detectors are essential to safety in your home, but remembering when to change the batteries can be problematic. Having a set date can be a solid reminder of when to install those new batteries.  They should be switched out at a planned time of year.  The beginning of the year is easy to remember, so that… Read More »

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