Adding Exterior Security Lighting

Many times, we get the question, “What is the most cost-effective way to help make a homeowner feel safe and secure at their home?”

I usually tell them the first thing I’d do for maximum impact is to add security lighting around the property.

Starting with the front of the house, assess your needs by looking around your property at dusk, to see exactly where you’ll get the most benefits.  The most obvious place is the porch and all doors leading into the home.

The front porch door should always have adequate lighting for the occupants, so that when you come home, you can easily find your keys and open the door.

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If the porch lighting is reachable from a standing position, the light itself should be in a sealed globe.  This prevents an intruder from un-screwing the bulb, which could make it easier to hide in the cover of darkness.

Next, I’d look at the side and back doors to make sure the lighting is adequate.  If not, you may wish to put another exterior fixture up high on the home, activated by either a dusk-to-dawn sensor, or a motion sensor — depending on your preference.

There are many options available for exterior lighting, with new LED technology cutting power usage to almost nothing.  Back in the day, it was expensive to have many light on at night.

Now, the cost is nil.  It really is a matter of how bright you want your home.  You may want to install path lighting for walkways and the driveway also.

At a home in Detroit, we recently replaced an old, metal halide exterior light that used a 175 watt bulb, with a more efficient LED light that only uses 33 watts.  And on top of that savings, the fixture has a dusk-to-dawn sensor built in.  You never have to change a bulb; The LED has a life expectancy of 13+ years!

There are also other things to make your home even more safe, like trimming back bushes and shrubs, installing a home alarm system, and installing better locks and hardware, but for the most bang for your bucks, exterior lighting is one of the first things I would install.

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